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Jul 16, 2007


Collin Kelley

Great photos and it sounds like an amazing evening. Congrats to Michael on his new chapbook!

Sarah Browning

Thank you so much for the write-up, Dan, and for the gorgeous photos. I had no idea I was so photogenic in reflection...
Much love.

David Schultz

I stumbled (because I'm wearing my brother's shoes, not mine) over your site by wonderful accident. How, well let me explain (don't touch my typing fingers): I was looking up a poet, Perry Brass, and found two enjoyable samples of his work on your site.
Now let me ask you a question (actually two, ok so I can't do K-3 math):
1. How can I easily stay in touch with your site?
2. What should I do to get my first book/chapbook published? I promise I won't sue if your answer doesn't put me on right road acceleriter. (My son's a corporate attorney and doesn't annoy individuals.)
Looking forward (easier on the neck than backward),
David Schultz
I wi

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