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Apr 07, 2008



Since No Tell Books uses Lulu, we're tied to whatever Lulu decides. Lulu has been really tight-lipped about what's going on -- other than saying our books will continue to be on Amazon. Personally I wish they would have told Amazon to stuff it -- and believe any decision to concede will only help in the short-term.

What I've done is take all links to Amazon off my blog -- and re-ordered/re-emphasized links on the No Tell Books site to send traffic to all other places first. Depending on how that plays out -- I may entirely remove the Amazon links in the future. I'm trying to balance what's best for the NTB authors and discouraging (as best as I can) sending any sales Amazon's way. Most of my authors have been really supportive and are disgusted by Amazon's move, if folks are panicking, they haven't expressed that to me.


And of course, I'm never shopping on Amazon again -- I was a frequent customer.


I did not know about the movement on Facebook. Bless FB for providing a way for the riotous to organize. It sure beats blasting windows and taking to the streets. It's a lot warmer inside for one.

I'll be boycotting until I see evidence that writers won't get shafted. Collin, I like your points about selling most of your books in other ways.

I'll share a quote from your post on my blog, because I think it's important for people to think about a variety of ways to make their books available.

For now, I'll be getting books straight from publishers and Powell's. It's not as convenient. Oh, well.


Does it count as a boycott if you never shopped there in the first place? If it does, I guess I'm a boycotter. Hooray for passive activism. I just need to be able to hold a book in my hands before I buy it. If the cover is glossy, I often give in to the temptation to rub it gently across my face and feel the smoothness. You just can't do that with Amazon.


My concern in all of this is: What next? If Amazon succeeds in taking control of POD publishing to this degree, what will they seek to control next? I don't want an Amazon or anyone else telling me what I can and can't write. Or whether I can publish what I have worked so hard to create.

I, too, will no longer shop with Amazon. And I am encouraging others to find other places to shop online as well.

Michael Gushue

Deborah: as far as not as convenient, I found out that when Amazon gets your order they hold it for a week, and they encourage you to buy into their "premium" program ($) where they ship thinks out immediately. . . like every other online store.

So if you order the new book by poet X, they hold your order there in the Gaithersburg warehouse, and then send it out 5-7 days later.

Reb: good advice, we'll look into doing the same as we need to do. I may even talk about putting up a little blurb/editorial about what you "get" when you order from amazon.

Mary: Amazon has always been a sorched earth cuthroat organization. Look who they give their political donation to. What will they seek to control next? Anything that turns a profit.

It's funny that 10 or so years ago the internet was supposed to be this democratic, open frontier, a Temporary Autnomous Zone for the world.

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